Kali Pancur Waterfall

kali-pancur.jpgNatural attractions of mountains complete with waterfall surely will attract everyone. One of the attractions with extraordinary natural sights in Indonesia is Kali Pancur waterfall located in Nogosaren Village, Getasan district, Semarang regency. Almost along the stairs that amount to less than 850 steps, you will be accompanied by gurgling sounds of water flowing mountain next to stairs.

While the view from the bottom of the waterfall can make people chuckle marveled with its beauty. How not, Kali Pancur waterfall located right on the cliff more than 150 meters tall. I bet adults will look smaller than this cliff. In addition to relief decorated with natural stones and a number of pioneer vegetation, cliff waterfall was also filled with small caves for shelter swallow. Predictably, swallow nest was much sought after by people because of high nutritious.

Well, once satisfied to enjoy the beauty nature of Kali Pancur waterfall, don’t forget to save energy. Because, to get back home you still have to climb down the stairs.

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