Kaibon Palace

kaibon.jpgRefer to its name Kaibon, derived from word ‘Ibu’ (mother). This palace ruled by a queen for temporary. The palace name was coined from the fact that Sultan Muhammad Raffiudin (the last Banten sultan) built it as a gift to his mother, Queen Asyiah. Since the king who supposed to be in throne was not adult yet. Sultan Rafiuddin was 5 months old when he got the reign. Now remain the ruins with moats and Small River nearby and have gorgeous gateway.

Keraton Kaibon lies about one kilometer from the Banten Grand Mosque. This palace had erected in the early 19th century, it sits on an immense 15,000 square meters. The premises were broken into at the order of Dutch Governor General Daendels in 1813, (subsequently ending the sultan’s reign) and then damaged by the Dutch in 1832. Today, the ancient walls, foundations, the gateway and main gate bear truth to the once-powerful Banten Sultanate. The admission of this area is free.

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