Establishment of Pontianak, which occurred in 239 years ago can not be separated well from the history of the Palace Kadriah establishment located right at the junction of the river, the River Porcupine, Small Kapuas and Kapuas River. Establishment of the Palace itself was carried out by Kadriah Alkadrie Abdurrahman Sharif – the son of a religious judge Matan kingdom that has been frequently traveled and met with many merchants of the world – on Wednesday, October 23, 1771 AD All of this history can be read directly by each of those visiting the Palace Kadriah.

Of the various royal palace located in West Kalimantan, the Palace Kadriah Malay palace can be said to be the largest in the region. His condition was still fairly well maintained. Just like other Malay palace-palace in West Kalimantan, where visitors can find some weapons cannon on the front page of this palace. Meanwhile, inside the palace, which is also like other Malay palace palace-dominated by the color yellow, the visitors can find numerous photographs and stories of the history of the palace Kadriah. Some of the imperial family’s private room is also open to the public, although there are some restrictions when outside visitors enter. Jami Mosque “Sultan Abdurrahman itself is located approximately 200 meters from the site of the palace. By the surrounding community, the mosque is still very actively used for religious activities to date.

For those who want to visit Pontianak Sultanate Palace, the location of this palace are very easy to find since it lies at the center of town. Those that come with using ground transportation can use public bus, motorcycle or car to visit this palace. Waterways transport is also available if visitors access it by using a speed boat or from the Port Senghie BOAD. In some locations are also available water transportation services that can be used if visitors want to round the Palace Kadriah through Kapuas.

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