Kabawetan Tea Plantation, Tea Garden, Kabawetan – Bengkulu

The location of this Kabawetan tea plantation in Kepahiang, Province Bengkulu, Indonesia. This is green tea plantation with the beautiful panoramic. The place referred to as Kabawetan tea garden Orchard Park is not too far from the city center, probably about only about 10 kilo meters of Kepahiang town centre. Kabawetan tea plantation location is adjacent to a tea plantation that belongs to a businessman from Taiwan, and there is also a tea plantation owned by other private entrepreneurs roughly almost approximately 650 Ha, imagine if a tea plantation, side by side with other tea plantation, certainly if you come there, as long as the eye can see, you will continue to be presented by the view of the tea garden that’s like a green carpet blanketed hills.

Source : www.indonesia-tourism.com

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