Joglo : A Javanese Wooden House

Next is secondary territory, which is periodically controlled and wide coverage area, this room is not exclusively being used by the dwellers or certain person. Jogan and gandhok is including is this area that is set as semi private room, gandhok is usually set as dining room or living room. jogan is used to receive informal guest or relatives, this part different from pendapa that is a public territory to receive formal guest, in this territory everyone is allowed as long as that person comply with with certain condition in this area. The home plan of Javanese wooden house can be developed in accordance to the needs however, it still proper to the master plan of it.

This type of wooden house requires spacious area that currently difficult to find. On the other hand, the price is in high price that people will think twice to build it. Thus, its function no longer as a dwelling but it has change as a meeting room since today people do not build their house in joglo style. There is also use as restaurant or hotel which will give unique experience to people when the visit the Javanese wooden house.

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