Drying island is 72.2 kilometers from the city of Bagan Siapiapi, Rokan Hilir, Riau Province. The area is also within 64.3 kilometers of Port Klang, Malaysia were made as a pearl hidden in the middle of the ocean waterway. Jemur Island name began to be heard after the ownership of an area of 250 hectares is widely disputed by Indonesia and Malaysia. Now, Jemur Island officially became part of the Homeland. Apart from the international conflicts, natural beauty Jemur should be a concern of everyone, the government, the public until the domestic as well as foreign travelers. Drying island territorially which is part of the District of Pasir Limau Kapas, Rokan Hilir is the largest island of gususan Requiem Islands. This area is between the Island Gold Tokong, Tokong Simbang and Labuhan Bilik. With a two-hour journey from the city of Bagan Siapiapi using fishing boats and speedboats, all eyes will be amazed at the natural beauty that lies between the foam that dragged slowly across the expanse of white sand beach Jemur Island.

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