jatijajar.jpegFormed over thousands of years of nature. Comes a beautiful work that offers different nuances. Adventurous places on earth, yet relaxed and fun. Your tour in Central Java will not be complete if you have not visited the district Kebumen. Because the district is known as producer of bird’s nest Swiftlet holds many tourist objects very interesting to visit. Call it for example, Jatijajar Cave Park is located 21 kilometers to the south Gombong, or 42 kilometers west Kebumen.

Jatijajar cave at the foot of limestone mountains. This tourism object is very interesting indeed. This limestone mountain range stretching from the north and south ends jutting into the sea in the form of a cape.
The length of cave is 250 meters. Jatijajar cave in this area are also several other caves, such as diamonds and Goa Goa Dempok and available parks and Monkey Island. To go to these attractions are available prasara facilities and transportation, lodging and restaurants that are relatively representative.
The dinosaur statues that spit water as the actual location of this tour is the estuary of the spring from the Goa Jatijajar the dead never stopped even though the dry season. Jatijajar Goa Sightseeing includes a beautiful park complete with playground. This park is named Monkey Island, because in this park there are many statues of apes.
At the gate of Goa Jatijajar mouth, there is a hole between stalagnit, so that when the sun looks so beautiful entry. Inside the cave there Jatijajar a spring (is being) which is said will make for a youthful face wash there. Goa Jatijajar In addition, there are still other caves like this Dempok Goa. Stalactite contained in Goa Dempok formed naturally over hundreds or even thousands of years ago. Until now still maintained its authenticity. Diamond Cave is a location with Jatijajar Goa attractions. This cave has its own uniqueness to the sky cave relatively not too high.
Jatijajar Goa is located about about 21 km from the city Gombong or 42 km west of Kebumen. Jatijajar name comes from the word identity and parallelogram. Teak is a tree, Jajar means parallel. There is a diorama which tells the story of Legend Raden Kamandaka. The legend shows the eternal percintaaan between Raden Kamandaka and Ratna Dewi Ciptarasa. Inside the cave there are 4 (four) is being, namely Sendang Rose, kantil Jombor, and Puserbumi. There is also a stalactite and stalakmit. Sightseeing seed Rest Area presents, souvenir markets, convection and traditional foods. In the complex / area attractions Jatijajar Goa there are 3 (three) the cave Dempok Goa, Goa and Goa Jatijajar Intan. Even more interesting on the wall above Jatijajar Goa, there are various writings of visitors who had come hundreds of years ago, some from the Indian Shopping, Europe and even the government’s first ruling dynasty Kebumen district.


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