Hillside area, which full of cave through the street between Kiawa and Kawangkoan, located on the hill along the roadside approximately 20 km from the resort, are Japanese tunnels dug during the Japanese occupation in World War Two. Largely used for storage purposes, they are an eerie reminder of a turbulent time in Indonesia’s history. It was applied as supply repository. 

In Japanese Cave have a number of small chambers as a place to rest. In cave there are three large rooms that formed the Japanese army for a number of interests, each room with its function and connected to each other. I used as warehouse space, a place to store foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, armaments, and communication tools. Room II, be a place of caring for the sick, and the third room is a place reserved for the officers to conduct meetings relating to the interests of the war.

Japanese Cave This is where the defense is very strong and difficult to penetrate the allied forces. thus crippling the cave, allied forces under the command of General McArthur dropping drums of fuel were fired from the air. No fewer than 3,000 Japanese soldiers were killed were buried in a cave. 


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