Jantur (waterfall) Inar located in Kampung Temula, District Nyuatan, within ± 30km from the center of Sendawar. Jantur Inar be the place where the young couple to travel while bathing in crystal clear waterfalls and simultaneously accompany every drop of water that flows. Jantur Inar has a height of about 30 meters. Still looks natural waterfall with moss clinging to rocks and weeds around it. Not far from Jantur Inar in Kampung Dempar District of Nyuatan was quite a lot of waterfalls like Jantur Lagai, Enjam, and Mukuuq.

Indeed Inar story, a life story which endured life’s sadness and pain of a young girl who had to end his life by plunging into a waterfall that has been named after him. When the Dutch occupied motherland especially Kalimantan (Borneo), a Tumenggung named Ngaroh with a degree Setia Raja, had eight children, namely Krongo (Kakah Lauq), Deaf (Kakah Mantiq), Tongaq (Kakah Blokoq), Kobaq (Kakah Bioroq), Teq, Main, Ukay and Ruay. Ragetn a grandson of the Hero Member of the firstborn, Krongo, married and living in Lamin Holy Temula. Four children were born Ragetn namely, Ayus, Lejiu, Mountain and Inar as the youngest daughter. As adults Inar married with a young man named Baras but they do not have children. Since childhood Inar ulcer disease, scabies and weak bones sort of half-paralyzed. One time her husband was blind to not be able to work to support himself Inar and, finally Inar have struggled to make a living to meet the needs of daily life, plus none of the relatives who want to heed and pay attention to his fate. Until one day Inar and Baras resting on top of a waterfall flowing after a day of work became tuber taro to meet the needs of everyday life in a wicker basket (tall) is great. When silence was Baras grumpy with a sound that is loud enough, throwing stones down magic spell, because the fate of his life regretting the lowly. Baras anger was motivated because he could not work due to blindness coupled Inar wife always sickly. Without thinking suddenly Baras pushed his wife down the waterfall that is high enough to reach 60 meters, followed by Baras Baras and died instantly on the spot. Yet another case with Inar, he did not die because they were held by a rainbow that appeared suddenly and magically disappear with those of Inar and that until now has never been found, since the magic spell in Kampung Temula District of Nyuatan named Inar or known Jantur Inar.

Located about 30 km from the city center Sendawar. To reach this location can be reached by car or four-wheel and road and there is very good because it was paved with takes about 1 hour.

This waterfall is located on the left of the road to Dempar, the capital district Nyuatan, will appear nameplate Jantur Inar displayed clearly. Approximately 400 meters of the journey continues through the dirt road until arriving at the location. To get to the bottom of the waterfall is to be dropped down through about 200 stairs within 20 centimeters of each other.

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