Jantur Gemuruh Waterfall

Waterfall is always an interesting attractions to visit. Like Jantur Gemuruh waterfalls in East Kalimantan.

This waterfall is located Land School District, West Kutai (Kubar) has views and its own characteristics.

Besides being in the forest environment which is still preserved from logging action, also lay various sizes of rocks neatly arranged on the right and left of the waterfall. These rocks extend about 50 yards downstream waterfall. The flow of water was so swift to hear rumble.

This location was once a package with tourist Kersik Luway Nature Reserve, the famous black orchid up to foreign countries. Patrons not only from local residents as well as other areas in Indonesia. Foreign tourists from Germany, the Netherlands, Britain and some other countries also came to the area that the majority of citizens of this sub-ethnic Dayak Tunjung.

To go to the location of this waterfall, it is not difficult anymore as long as it does not rain. If 10 years ago is still a path, in an era of Regent Ishmael Thomas, since five years ago had built the road with a width of 3 meters with a spread of sand and stone.

The distance from the central office Kubar regency, about 6 miles. But do not get lost. Because when it entered the District Land Sekolaq there are two intersection of the road. If to the right leads to the location Kersik Luway Nature Reserve, while the thunder magic left. On weekends, two objects of this tour could be a place of natural breathing fresh air, with family, or relatives.

Source : Travel Club Magazine

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