Pantai Jakat beach is located about 1 km from the city of Bengkulu. This beach is situated right at the bay of Bengkulu. Being a beach of this position gives Pantai Jakat Beach an advantage of calmer wave then other Bengkulu beach. That’s why many fishermen anchor their artisanal fishing boats here. With the arc coast shape, pantai Jakat beach give a beautiful wide panorama. And also, this is the place where many visitors crowded in the beach every afternoon in Bengkulu. This beach is a suitable place to play in the water. It safe and clean, and also you can hire a cheap buoy around the beach.

On the Jakat Beach there are the traditional fishing activities that lives close to the coast. Tourist attractions available in this beach is fishing activities at sea, and has many games facilities such as banana boat, jet ski and is complete with its coast guard. The beach is always crowded with visitors every Sunday afternoon and the days usually. various facilities are provided in the region, ranging from the rental pool floats, banana boats and even jet skis.

In the morning at Pantai Jakat beach, the water is very calm. That’s make the kids preferred to come in the morning. In the morning, the beach is not as crowded as in the afternoon too. The kids can play freely and safely around this beach. Just like others beach in the city of Bengkulu, the sand is the white and fine, it makes the kids can built their imagination with the sand of Pantai Jakat beach.

In the afternoon, the wave is rather high. It is the time for the boys, girls and adults to play with the wave. Some of them prefer to just play with the wave, some prefer to hire buoy and some can do the surfing. Or if you prefer just to watch people playing in the beach, you can take a seat in many small beach’s shop around the beach and enjoying coconut drink, roasted corn or many seafood of Bengkulu.


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