Jakarta Textile Museum

Jakarta Textile Museum is an educational institution cultural mission to preserve Indonesia’s traditional textile culture. As the only Textile Museum in Jakarta and the first in Indonesia which has a specific task, the Textile Museum strives to perform its functions through a variety of program activities that are held for the public.

The activities held by the Textile Museum, among others, the exhibition (museum collections as well as third-party collections); seminars, discussions and workshops on textiles; penyuluhun for students; research collections to the various regions as well as literature; care of museum collections; textile conservation services and various training (batik, jumputan, natural color, etc.).

V i s i:

Making the Textile Museum as a nonprofit institution that became the center of the preservation of nature and culture, media, scientific activities, art and culture, supporting education, media information and as an educational-cultural recreation became one of the reference and the reference for the process of nation building.

M i s i:

Doing conservation efforts both animal and vegetable in matters relating to the textile culture in Indonesia, conducting an inventory of natural resources as described above and the collection of traditional textiles from various regions in Indonesia following form and manifold, carries on documentation, research, and make the presentation of information and communicating it to the public in order to be fully utilized for the benefit of the wider society.

We very much hope that all people can avail various facilities and activities available at the Textile Museum.

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