It’s not Revenge Lakes

its-not-revenge-lakes.jpgIn the city of Bengkulu, there is a beautiful lake called Lake It’s not revenge, which the Government of Indonesia  established as a nature reserve. The lake is famous for its wealth of flora and fauna has been amended several times expansion of the area.
First, in 1936, the Dutch government set this area as a nature reserve through the STB No. 1936. 325 dated June 17, 1936 with an area of 11.5 hectares. Second, in 1979, according to the letter from Governor of Bengkulu No. 1666/B4-1/1979 dated May 15, 1979, this area of 430 hectares dipeluas. Thirdly, the year 1999, through the Minister of Forestry Decree No. 420/Kpts-II/1999 date was June 15, 1999, Lake nature reserve area of Revenge It’s increased to 577 hectares.

Lake Region’s Revenge There is a nature reserve which has stunning natural beauty and save a lot of potential for the preservation of ecology and ecosystem balance. The lake is surrounded by wooded hills, this is the main habitat for rare endemic plants, ie a pencil orchid (Vanda hookeriana). In 2003, the Natural Resources Coordinating Agency (NRCA) in Bengkulu, said there were five main functions played by Lake Revenge does not have, namely: (1) as an area for biodiversity conservation, (2) as a source of water used for the purposes of irrigation; (3) as a water reserve areas; (4) as a medium of learning natural remedy scientific interest, and (5) as a place of recreation.
In this lake also lived several rare species of fish that come from families Anabantidae, namely Trichogaster trihopterus, Helstoma termminchi, Trichogaster pectoralis, Anabas testudieus, and Polcampus hasselti, namely the family SUB Mystus sp, and the family Cyprinidae is Mystacoleucus sumatranus marginatus and Rasbora.

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