Islamic Centre Baitul Izzah


the largest mosque in northern Borneo is located on the road Sesayap, tarakan east or within 5km from the city center. islamic center buildings stand very flashy in between buildings in the vicinity. looking very majestic that making anyone stunned when I first saw this mosque. none glance shortage of building this tarakan islamic center. shortcomings will be less noticeable when we entered the parking lot and garden which looks 100% has not been completed.

However, when looking at the pillar and foundation of the mosque building was not comparable to the quality of the splendor of the mosque building. in some parts of the mosque, visible crack super great even, visible debris berpolice line on the upper floor the main gate. not much different conditions was also seen in the main building of the mosque. in some parts of the ceiling also has cracks. Although, many shortcomings here and there, especially in terms of quality buildings, mosques in tarakan this is not just a place of worship to pray for Muslims but also as a center of Islamic education in Tarakan Kalimantan province in particular and the north in general.

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