Indonesian Tourists Make Singaporean More Prosperous (Ironic)

“The level of tourist arrivals globally to Singapore rose by 3.3% in 2019 to reach 19.1 million tourists, with total tourism receipts growing 0.5% by S$ 27.1 billion,” he added.

Then, how many Indonesian tourists visit Singapore in 2019? And how much money they spend when they are there.

“The number of leisure tourist arrivals from Indonesia (+ 3%) is recorded as one of the highest absolute growth in 2019, along with China (+ 6%) and the United States (+ 13%),” said Indriati Permanasari, Manager of Indonesia International Group STB, continuing exposure.

“From January to September 2019, tourism revenue from Indonesia reached SGD 2.26 billion with growth (6%), the highest absolute growth on a year-on-year basis in the foreign exchange of the tourism sector,” she added.

The following countries are the primary sources of Singapore tourism. The calculation starts with the growth rate of tourist visits in 2019, namely China, Indonesia, Australia, the Philippines, the United States, South Korea, Britain, Vietnam, and Germany.

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