Indonesia Travel and Tourism News – Mar 29

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Indonesia Travel and Tourism News – Mar 29 | Government policies that will defer financing installments for the micro, small and medium business sector, including motorcycle taxi and online taxi drivers, will be responded to by a number of multi-finance companies over the next year.

The Surabaya Regional Rent Car Entrepreneurs Association (Asperda) continues to call on the President’s policy for credit relaxation, through the East Java Asperda, which is planned to coordinate with the East Java legislature.

“Asperda Surabaya escorts the East Java Asperda to support the president’s decision regarding the relaxation of loans and bank interest. We yesterday made a memo to the Secretary of East Java Province and the results were received so that awaiting a decision from the Government or Governor,” said Chairman of Asperda Surabaya, Edi Santoso, Thursday (Thursday) 3/27).

Previously President Jokowi had won an agreement from the Financial Services Authority to provide credit relaxation to the micro, small and medium business sector.

Debtors with a financing value of less than Rp10 billion for business purposes or productive sectors will be given a reduced interest rate and a one-year postponement of installments.

“Both the credit provided by banks and the non-bank financial industry, as long as it is used for business,” said Jokowi, Tuesday (03/24/2020).

This was responded by the Head of East Java Asperda, Junaedi, that several Finance companies had circulated as well.

“All Leasing have almost given all the answers to the President’s decision. It was at the time when the Regional Representative Council of East Java Asperda determined the responsible attitude, which would complain to the East Java DPRD,” Junaedi added.

Asperda Surabaya delivered Memo to the Secretary of East Java Province carried out jointly by a combination of entrepreneurs, namely the Indonesian Tourism Industry Association (GIPI), the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI), the Association of Indonesian Food Service Entrepreneurs (APJI), the Association of The Indonesia Tours And Travel Agencies (ASITA), Association of Indonesian Tourism Actors (ASPPI).

Indonesia Travel and Tourism News

East Java Tourism Industry Hit Hard by Coronavirus

Indonesia Travel and Tourism News | The recent corona or Covid-19 virus outbreaks in various regions of the world have undeniably affected tourism businesses in Indonesia. Tour travel, hotels, restaurants, transport really hit with the current conditions.

This condition was conveyed directly by Saformadianto, Chair of the East Java Tourism Association. According to him, many tour plans, both domestic and international, were canceled due to the corona outbreak.

“Actually, we usually chase targets to welcome Ramadan and Eid,” said Safor.

Russians from Thailand and Indonesia will take out during the week

Indonesia Travel and Tourism News | According to the Foreign Ministry of Russia in the two countries are a large number of Russians at the moment. Thailand will take 17 thousand to 1 April. Mostly it is the passengers with the tickets. Delivery to Russia will be organized in the framework of the obligations of tour operators and airlines.

Indonesia needs to bring home about 4 thousand Russians. “Removal of Russian citizens from Indonesia will be carried out by Russian airlines, which were previously carried out regular and charter flights. It “Aeroflot” and “Russia,” said the Federal air transport Agency.

in addition, the variants of the evacuation of Russian citizens from Latin American countries – Brazil, Chile, Peru, and Argentina. The Russian Foreign Ministry, Russian embassies, the Federal tourism Agency, Federal air transport Agency and airline “Azur AAR” already form lists and get the permission of the authorities for the flights. As planned, Board on 524 seats will fly from Moscow in this direction on March 30.

We are also working on organizing transportation of passengers from India, Tunisia, Moldova, Montenegro, Tanzania, Mauritius, Seychelles, and other States, said the Federal air transport Agency.

Difficulties with the departure of Russians from foreign countries has arisen in connection with restrictions on air traffic. Russia on March 27, stopped international flights, are only performed special flights for the transportation of passengers from foreign countries.

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