Indonesia Holds Tour De France style Highway Bike Race

Good news for bicycle lovers in the country. Indonesia will once again hold a road Bicycle Racing sport. The Bicycle Racing event titled “L’Etape Indonesia 2020.”

In this event, lovers of Bicycle Racing in the country, whether amateur or professional, can feel the sensation of being a legendary tournament-style bicycle racer, Tour De France. Yes, L’Etape Indonesia is indeed working with Tour De France to hold this Bicycle Race event.

L’Etape Indonesia is a Bicycle Racing tournament adopting the Tour De France racing format to provide the sensation of the legendary Bicycle Racing event to the participants.

” Tour De France as one of the legendary Bicycle Races in the world had attracted millions of Bicycle Racing fans to feel the sensation of the race. Both local and international racers,” said Even Director of L’Etape Indonesia 2020, Zacky Badrudin.

Zacky said in the L’Etape Indonesia 2020 Bike Race using two categories of race, namely a distance of 135 km and 80 km. Besides racing, the participants can also enjoy the beauty of nature.

“The choice of these two distances is to provide a different sensation to the participants in the style of Tour De France while offering a more enjoyable experience of sport tourism that is happening in Indonesia,” he continued.

The plan, L’Etape Indonesia 2020, will take place in the Kuta Mandalika area of Lombok., On April 5, 2020. The New Lombok – the nickname of this area – has become a particular economic area that has been determined by the government.

Zacky also added, to date, 17 countries have expressed interest in participating in the event this time. From 17 countries, around 1,300 participants have registered.

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