Iboih Recreational Forest

iboih2.jpgIboih is a small and friendly village. Its people will happily serve the tourist in any way. In a place where the tourist come one by one, the people here have retained their sense of curiosity towards westerners. Helpful guides are available to accompany the tourists to Iboih and the Sea Garden.

Iboih Recreational Forest is situated adjacent to Rubiah Sea Garden. This forest covers about 1300 hectares area and is also protected as a special nature reserve for Weh Island. This forest is a thick tropical rain forest and although it is dense a difficult to wander trough, visitors are encouraged to explore it. This are is as home to many kinds of animals. See wild monkeys, small and big reptiles and colorful birds, or try our skill at spotting the Nicobar pigeon, not found in any other part of the Indonesian archipelago. At dusk wild boars and swarms of giant fruit bastes are sure sighting. Where the road ends is a great lookout over the Indian Ocean.

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