Hutan Lindung Marowali


Protected Forest Marowali, location precisely in the District Marowali Central Sulawesi province. The trip to this area can only be reached by boat from Kolonodale (Marowali). Around Forest Preserve on land inhabited by indigenous Wana is still very backward, while the seashores / above sea level inhabited by tribes Bajoe. Various animals Protected Forest Marowali unbeatable elsewhere, namely Anoa, Giant Bat with wingspans up to 2 meters. Marowali protected forest area 436 756 ha, forest preserves and travel 241 331 ha and terdidri cultivated area of ​​480 759 ha of production forests and other land use (APL) 417 226 ha. Kind of potential that exists therein include timber forest products, among others: group meranti, jungle mix, group beautiful wood like teak and cempaka and there is also a group of luxury wood such as ebony / ebony (Dyospiros celebica Bakh) which includes one of the rare wood in the world. As for other forest products (non-wood), among others, rosin, pecans, calapai as well as various kinds of rattan, all of which are potential regional assets are invaluable.

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