Located in the “old Surabaya”, the Dutch colonial-style stately building was built in 1858 and now a historic site that continues to be preserved. House of Sampoerna’s first cigarette factory was formerly owned Sampoerna dynasty. Netherlands architecture building built since 1862, but recently purchased by Liem Seeng Tee, founder of Sampoerna in 1932. House Of Sampoerna consists of a main building shaped auditorium as well as two other buildings that house the West and East House. The main building is now used as a museum, the house is used as a cafe East and West house is still occupied by the Sampoerna family. So in the area of House of Sampoerna we will see Sampoerna museum, museum batik, see the process of making cigarettes, cafes, souvenir stalls, and even Surabaya Heritage Track (SHT).

SHT this is a free tour of the facilities provided by the House of Sampoerna, complete with an air-conditioned bus, tour guide who is also fluent in English. Nowadays, this building still serves as a place of production of one of the most prestigious cigarette products in Indonesia, Dji Sam Soe. In commemoration of the 90th anniversary of Sampoerna in 2003, the main complex has been painstakingly renovated and is now open to the public. In the museum café, visitors can buy various souvenirs related to this Sampoerna building, such as: miniature equipment traditional cigarette sticks, cloves, books and shirts.

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