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Accommodation and hotels in Indonesia ranges from a basic box with a mattress to the finest five-star luxury corpulent money can buy. Costs vary considerably around Java and Bali, but in general, Java and Bali have a lot to offer. Accommodation prices do not necessarily increase in outer and more remote areas, but less competition sometimes means lower standards. Some hotels have fixed prices and display them, but prices are often flexible, especially in low seasons. This applies particularly to mid-range and top-end hotels, where discounts of 10% to 50% are readily available.

In general, there are 2 (two) primary classification of hotel and accommodation.

The first one is Star Rated Hotels (Hotel Berbintang) that start its class from 1 (one) star to 5 (five) stars while the last is Jasmine Class Hotels (Kelas Melati), from 1-3 grade of Jasmine. The classification is being controlled & evaluated by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Culture (for star rated), and the local, provincial government (for jasmine class).

The simple differences between the two classifications above are the prices & services. Hotel “berbintang” refers to the mid-range to top end hotels, and you can stay in hotel Melati just as low as Rp 75,000 per night.

Other than the two classifications above, there are also different kinds of accommodation i.e., Losmen, Pondok Wisata, or Guest House.

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Standard / Deluxe Hotel and Accommodation in Indonesia

Budget Hotel and Accommodation in Indonesia

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