This attraction is one of the tourist attractions located in the hinterland of Aceh Besar. Ie Suum in Indonesian means hot water. Although located in rural areas, but the distance is relatively close, approximately 45 kilometers or approximately one hour’s drive from Banda Aceh. Here you can feel the sensation of bathing in hot water located just at the foot of the hill Gunoeng Meuh (Gunung Emas) while enjoying the beautiful surrounding hills.

Hot springs in this attraction comes from the mountains seulawah. And of course, the hot water contains many substances that are good for health. Even better for the treatment of diseases, such as skin diseases.

During the trip you will be treated to views of the waterfront. You can also stop to enjoy the breezy seaside shades. In addition, you also will pass through the historic fort relics of the battle known as Fort Indra Patra. Especially on holidays, which is fairly rare attraction is crowded by visitors. They spend time while soaking in a pool that has been built by the manager.

There are two pools located at this location. One pool for women, and one for men.The fume foreshadow water heat rising from the pool, it is increasingly beautify panorama hot spring village of Ie Suum. In addition, visitors can see the flow of hot water around the foothills of the form tiny channels that emit the fume.

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