Having a multiplier effect, Mandalika Circuit is said able to bring more benefits than Asian Games & Olympics.


“You can imagine if just one Indonesian to buy a ticket in Sepang could spend around Rp. 5 million to 6 million, only multiplied by around 60 thousand visitors. The result could reach hundreds of billions of rupiah, and this could be transferred to Mandalika in terms of tickets alone. “he added.

Dyan said the benefits of holding a MotoGP in Indonesia could exceed the Asian Games or the Olympics.

“When compared to the Asian Games or the Olympics that come to Indonesia not every year, the benefits can be seen. And the event at Mandalika is not just MotoGP, but there is a World Superbike, Enduro World Series, Asia Road Racing Championship, and so on,” said Dyan.

Besides, Dyan revealed, Indonesia’s image in the eyes of the world will also be respected, especially in terms of sports and tourism.

“The benefits are not only from the merchandise or micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) of the people of Lombok, but most importantly, the country image. Through tourism and sports, the Indonesian government will be better seen by the world,” said Dyan.

Therefore, the Mandalika Circuit can save foreign exchange from Indonesian audiences who usually come to Sepang Circuit, Malaysia.

“So this multiplier effect is extraordinary, so the existence of this circuit can save foreign exchange, which is usually channeled for watching in Sepang, and also add much foreign exchange, not to mention the development of development in terms of tourism such as hotels,” he concluded.

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