White Sand Island / Gusung Toraja Island, is included of the many maritime travel to the destination when it is in Polewali Mandar regency. This attraction is located in the eastern part of the city Polewali and has the charm of white sand and a cool atmosphere. Included in the administrative area Binuang district and compiling Tonyamang Islands, along with other islands, among which Battoa island, island Panampeang, Karamasang Island, Salamaq Island, and the island Landea. The island has the charm of an exotic underwater, there is a sea anemone and coral that small size can be found, as well as being one of the appeal is, a state of pure white sand because not too touched by humans.

The size of the island is small, the island can be surrounded by foot in just five minutes. There is a small villa on the island and also two small gazebo provided by the local government. To reach this island needs special transportation surrounding community refer to as “sea taxi ‘, the traditional means of transportation for the local communities themselves, experience the sea taxi ride also is one of the travelers look for when visiting this place, because the sea taxi like this can not be found elsewhere. In addition to rising sea taxi, activities that can be done at this point is the free swimming and snorkeling. Most tourists who come are always aiming to watch the scenery presented by the small uninhabited island, they come to have a lot of quiet time together with loved ones, such as family or friends.

View of the sunrise and sunset are the main points that can be enjoyed from this place, located on a small island while watching the view of the sunrise / sunset would have been a very pleasant experience, this is the reason many tourists and photographers to arrive at this place. Natural conditions are still very beautiful and wonderful is the scenery that can be used to memanjakaan the tourists. If you come to this place tourists usually will buy the fish sold by the community then took him to the island until later burned and enjoyed together.

The most memorable thing when it comes to this place is the sea taxi ride experience ala the Mandar. Then the beautiful views must always managed to make people interested to come again, this quiet place without any permanent resident so those who love freedom and peace will always intend to go back again. Communities around friendly and still live very traditionally, many aspects of which are united in this location that will attract many people to come back.

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