Gunung Puncung Grave

Gunung Puncung grave is located in Wonorejo village, Wonosalam district that become a frontier between Jombang and Kediri. Its location is in the culminate Wonosalam. Gunung Puncung grave is a grave that located in beautiful mountainside.

In the bevel of Puncung, said as a grave of respected man . Hence, it is not strange that there are many pilgrims who coming just for simply “benediction” wishes for their living and pray for ‘his’ grave.

Beside that, there is a historic temple on this mountainside. It said that this temple is the eyewitness history of the man’s ‘meditation’.
It is hardly easy to go to this grave in the mountainside and can be reaching by various vehicles. The road of this mountain is green and silent with a fascinating forest, make it more beautiful and enjoy the journey to this grave.

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