Gunung Mas is one of the districts in the province of Central Kalimantan , Indonesia . This district is the result of expansion of Kapuas Central Kalimantan province under Law No. 5 of 2002. The district motto is “Habangkalan Penyang Karuhei Tatau”, derived from Sangiang language that has meaning:
1. Habangkalan: set, set, ideals are fused into a single determination
2. Penyang: The power of the soul, spirit, spiritual guided by faith
3. Karuhei: Power-effort attempt to achieve a goal
4. Tatau: Prosperity, happiness, triumph

Complete “Habangkalan Penyang Karuhei Tatau” means: set, set of ideals that united on the basis of the determination with high spirits with based on religion and faith in a joint effort that aims to build the welfare, happiness and prosperity of the entire community in the district of Gunung Mas. This district is astronomy located at ± 0 ° 18 ’00 “South Latitude s / d 01 ° 40′ 30” South latitude and ± 113 ° 01 ’00 “East Longitude s / d 114 ° 01′ 00” East Longitude. Total population of 74 823 inhabitants (census 2000). The total area of the district Gunung Mas is 10 804 km² and is the sixth largest district of the 14 districts in Central Kalimantan (7.04% of the area of the Province of Central Kalimantan ). The total area consists of:
1. Wilderness areas
2. Residential areas
3. Rivers, lakes and swamps
4. Agricultural areas (fields, fields and gardens)

Mas Mountain region including the plateau that has the potential to be a plantation area. Northern area is a hilly area with an altitude of between ± 100-500 meters above sea level and has a level of ± 8-15 ° tilt and has mountainous areas with slope ± 15-25 °. At the area there are mountains Muller and Schwanner mountains with the highest peak (Mount Kingdom) reaches 2,278 meters above sea level. The southern part consists of lowlands and swamps are often flooded during the rainy season. Gunung Mas also has a water area covering lakes , marshes and rivers there are 4 lines that cross this area, namely:
1. Manuhing river with a length of 28.75 km ±
2. Rungan river with a length of 86.25 km ±
3. Kahajan with a length of ± 600 km
4. Sungai Miri
Gunung Mas total population of around 96 838 inhabitants with the classification of 51 385 men and 45 453 women and Household number as many as 22 933 households (results of Census Indonesia 2010 ).

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