Greatest Epic in La Galigo Museum

Some objects stored in it: Photo images of Rotterdam Fortress in past Note about Makassar sailormen explored the world Topography map of South Sulawesi. Various pictures of traditional boats Pictures of Buginese and Makassarese Traditional houses Horse cart vehicle and bicycles as transportation mode in past Objects such as archaeological sculpture, stone tools, and fossil The Nusantara classical tools Miniature of sites such as temples in Indonesia Traditional weaving tools Farming equipment plant tools The statue with custom dress from various areas in the archipelago Collection of currency applied in the 13th century Collection of Ceramics from China, Vietnam, Thailand and Japan This museum is unique because located in the fortress. Feel the classic nuance when you enter the gate. Classical buildings are good taken care with beautiful garden. Access La Galigo Museum is easily accessible. You can reach Rotterdam Fortress with public transport, taxis, or hotel transportation facilities. Quoted from : Supported by : | Lintang Buana Tourism Services || || |

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