Gorontalo Traditional House


Gorontalo is the 32nd province in Indonesia. Previously, Gorontalo used to be Gorontalo regency and Gorontalo municipality in North Sulawesi. Traditional house as the manifestation of diverse cultural material in various regions in Indonesia has an important meaning in the view of history, heritage and people’s development in civilization. Traditional house in Indonesia becomes the highest representation of culture in a society in certain areas. One of traditional houses that has historical meaning, representation of community in its time and civilization is Dulohupa traditional house from Gorontalo. This traditional house has wood pillars as ornament. It also functions as a hall for musyawarah (deliberation to reach a consensus) and royal court.

Dulohupa traditional house has two traditional stairs on the left and right side called tolitihu. The original shape of Gorontalo traditional house is rarely found. To see the beautiful traditional house, walk around Jalan Pulau Kalengkoan, Jalan Agus Salim and Jalan Trans Limboto-Isimu. You can find the original Gorontalo traditional house there. This traditional house is often used for cultural and art performance in Gorontalo. There are various special rooms with different functions.Its architecture style shows Islamic cultural values of Gorontalo. The name of Dulohupa derives from Gorontalo traditional language which means mutually agreed settlement to make plans or place for deliberation to reach a consensus from royal relatives.The building stands on the land of about 500 meter square with flower park, souvenir shops and royal bendi (horse cart) garage named talanggeda. Long time ago, characteristic of Gorontalo can be seen in its buildings with Gorontalo traditional architecture. However, now Gorontalo is getting crowded with buildings with modern architecture. Hopefully, it will not make the stilt house made of wood with traditional architecture which was passed on by ancestors marginalized.

Rumah Adat Gorontalo (Bantayo Poboide) Traditional house is located in the center of sub-district of Limboto, Gorontalo. Lite¬rarily “Bantayo” means building and “Poboide” means place for meeting. Bantayo Poboide is taken apart as a symbol of Gorontalo culture and also has a function as a place for the activity that related to the art and culture of Gorontalo. Bantayo Poboide has many rooms and each room has a different function, and every ornament that applies in the building symbolized every part of Gorontalo inhabitant’s activity.

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