Gong Cave

gong.jpgGong Cave has stalagtite and stalagmite that is said become the beautiful one in South-east Asian. It has about 256 m depth, beside that it also has 5 polls; Rogo Pool, Panguripan Pool, Jiwo Pool, Kamulyan Pool, and Ralung Nisto Pool, which have magical value to heal disease. The beauty of stalagmite and stalagtite is hardly make surprise immortalized by Selo Cengger Bumi named, Cello Giri, Selo Citro Cipto Agung, Cello Pakuan Bomo, Cello Adi Citro Buwono, Cello Bantaran Angin and Cello Susuh Angin.

On certain days every Friday, there is a sound of traditional music called “Jaranan” gong (traditional gong) is the instrument which sound hardest than others. Up to now, sometimes its sound still can be heard, that is why this cave is about 256 meters underground, has 12 rooms, 7 springs and one natural bath.

This cave is located about 30 km west of Pacitan precisely in Bomo village, Punung district and it is easily reach with all types of vehicle about 45 minutes. This area also available some facilities, such as; souvenir shops, restaurants, parking area, Mosque, etc.

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