Goa Belanda, Historical Cave in Bandung

Dutch Cave or well-known as Goa Belanda is one of the cave in Bandung in addition Juanda Forest Park Japanese cave. Dutch Cave is a cave that was bigger and built Japan’s first of the cave, built in the Dutch colonial period, Dutch cave was once used as a tunnel built for hydropower.

Resides in Forest Park Ir. Juanda – Bandung, there are two historic caves. Two caves that are only separated a distance of approximately 400 meters has a name that is tailored to the ruling colonial powers in the wake of the cave. Dutch cave was built in 1918 has a slightly older age than the “younger brother” of his new Japanese Caves built in 1942. In Dutch caves there are about 15 hallway and several rooms like the Space Room for a place to rest / sleep the Dutch Army, Interview for the prisoners, Prison or Detention Room. 

Seen on the roof of the cave as the former there is lighting the lamp and there is also such a kind used to roll the rail transport of goods or the like. Also the walls – the walls are made of cement looks like Dutch Cave has undergone renovation. Caves in the Dutch can still be found where to place the old-fashioned radio transmitter. On one aisle there are also caves rail / lorry which was on the floor of the cave. It is said that this cave was once used as military bases, prisons, weapons caches and includes hydropower. A small niche of the cave not far from the main cave and lies slightly above, was used as a gatehouse.



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