Gili Air is serving us the magnificent natural water park. The name “Air” means “water” in Bahasa Indonesia, so in the island we will be able to find so many attractions related to water. This island is located in the northwest side of Lombok island. It has five special spots where you can see sea horses, turtle, and fishes in various colors.

In Lombok tourism, Gili Air can be said as one of the most gili islands Lombok to visit. The local people call this Gili as Tengaq Aiq in Sasak language. If we translate it, it means “in the middle of the sea”. Gili Air local people are Sasak and Bugis tribes, but the language used is Sasak language. Most of the local people are fishermen, sellers and guides.

Gili Air is very crowded in July and August. Most of the visitors are international tourists like ones from Australia, UK, France, Dutch, Italy and many others. Not many local tourists in this area. The international tourists are falling in love with this Gili island due the beauty of the beach and sea. In this Lombok gili, the favorite activity is diving and snorkeling.

There are five favorite underwater life spots that expose the beauty of reefs and fishes. All of them are the pieces of heaven for the divers and snorkeling fans. The diving and snorkelling spots around Gili Air Lombok are: Air Wall, Air Slope, Frogfish Point, Segaluh and Malang Reef. Each of them is having its own uniqueness. For example, Air Wall form is like a wall and on this spot, we can find so many beautiful sea horses, turtles, and colorful fishes. You can rent the equipment and ask for guidance from the local professional guide in Gili Air.

This Lombok gili also known as a surf place. The wave of Gili Air allows you to go surfing in certain times. On the shore, the favorite activity is jogging. You can do jogging along the path that is shielded by various tropical plants. Lying down on the white sand and tanning the skin are also perfect ways to enjoy Gili Air. The comfort of the island is perfectly maintained due to the restriction of fuel-powered vehicle. You can explore the island on foot or by taking cidomo or bicycle. The local people are serving their bicycle for rent.

On the east coast, northwest, and south coast of Gili Air, you will find rows of cafes, restaurants, villas and bungalows with tropical style that are shielded by alang-alang roof. This accommodation serves total comfort, privacy and stunning white-sanded beaches with Lombok and other gili islands Lombok as the wall. At night, you can have a diner at the cafés or restaurants and enjoy the light of the island across Gili Air that looks like fireflies.

Reaching Gili Air is so easy and it can be accessed from several places. From Mataram, you can use a car, motorcycle or taxi to Bangsal Port. It will take about an hour. From this port, you can cross to this Lombok gili with public boat that will take about 15 minutes. You can also reach this island with a boat from Senggigi Beach in an hour trip. Some luxury hotels on this Gili also provide executive class boats, sure with higher price. To make the holiday even perfect, you have to cross to Gili Trawangan. There, you can enjoy a beach party at night. You can also cross to Gili Meno to visit bird parks and saltwater lake.

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