Gerbong Maut Monument

gerbong-maut_monument.jpgOn November 23, 1947 the history has wrote with a golden pen about the heroically battle of Bondowoso society against the Dutch colony. 100 civil soldiers were carried by three cars. The car number GR.10152 contained 30 people, the car number GR.446 contained 32 people, and the car number GR5769 contained 38 people. The people were carried by train from Bondowoso station to the jail at Kalisosok Surabaya. Those carts departed from Bondowoso train station at 03.00 a.m. The soldiers who were in those cars felt hot and stuffy because the lack of air inside those cars and they pushed each other to get the air through the small holes on that broken cars. The worst thing was that those cars’ walls were so hot because of the sunshine. The soldiers were dehydrated, and the result of this happened was 46 people of 100 people were dead. That historical moment had known as Gerbong Maut Incident, and Gerbong Maut Monument was built to memorize this deadly incident. It has become an important historical monument of Bondowoso. This monument is located in the heart of Bondowoso city and to remember the dedication of those heroes to this nation, it is held a ceremony on the hero day every year.

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