Gembiraloka Zoo in Yogyakarta

Gembiraloka is a zoo located in Yogyakarta, Kebun Raya Street No.02 (east of Yogyakarta city center). The zoo was built in 1933 in order of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono VIII. Initially, Gembiraloka Zoo was built for mostly entertainment purposes, as can be derived from its name: meaning Happy Place (Gembira means happy and Loka means place). However Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX changed it in to a wildlife preserve and public zoo. Go to zoo is more fun if travel with family, especially for children to find education about animals. Nice things for them to see and do in this Gembiraloka zoo. 

So what’s in Gembiraloka Zoo? There are various wildlife animals or plants, such as: Mammals (Sumatran Tiger, White Tiger, Camels, Honey Bear, Orang Utan, etc.), birds or poultry (Parrot, Eclectus Bayan, Wreathed Hornbill, Green Peacock, etc.), Reptiles (Tree Monitor/Lizard, Wagler’s Pit Viper, Frilled Dragon, etc.), Amphibians (White Lipped Tree Frog, Pacman Frog, Tomato Frog, etc.), Fish (Discus Fish, Piranha, Niasa, Giant Arapiama Fish, etc.) and lots of plants and trees, such as: Palm Oil, Secang, Kesambi, etc.

Gembiraloka Zoo is currently also finishing rides and activities that can be used or rented. If we are lucky we can also interact with several animals like Anaconda, Giant Turtle and Orangutan. We can shake hands and hug an Orangutan and have a picture take for only IDR 15,000.

Moreover, there are other things to do: Catching Fish Arena, Fish Therapy Spa, Elephant Riding, Camel Riding, Banana Boat, Water Bike, Water Scooter or for those who like a bit of a challenge can try the ATV (All Terrain Vehicle). All prices are relatively cheap, ranging from IDR 10,000 – IDR 20,000 per lap. For those who are tired of walking you can take the train which goes around the park. A one-stop ticket only cost IDR 5,000, Multi Stop costs IDR 20,000 and you can go around around Gembiraloka Zoo without walking anymore.

For those who feel hungry, Gembiraloka Zoo is currently developing a Food Court beside the exit door but there are some small restaurants scattered around the park. At several spots you can buy souvenirs too. You can order T-shirts at the Merchandise Kiosk which is close to the Camel Riding Arena. Hereyou can have you picture taken with the animals and buy the T-shirt ( price starts at IDR 40.000). Next to the exit, on the left side, is a shop with lots of souvenirs of the GembiraLoka Zoo and Jogja.

Most of the animals in the Gembiraloka Zoo are endangered species which will be extremely difficult to see in the wild, but another reason to go here is the park itself. The park is in fact the only green area in whole of Yogyakarta and is very well maintained. Lots of labeled trees and exotic plants make walking around here a treat, feeling you are far away from the busy city life.

GembiraLoka Zoo is located not far from the city center on the banks of the Gajah Wong River. It is very easy to access with private or public transportation by using bus line 4 towards Giwangan Bus Station.

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