Geger Beach

geger_beach.jpgGeger beach is one of the tourism objects in Bali which is located in the village Peminge, Nusa Dua.
Unlike other beaches located in Bali, which are so noisy, with pounding music and food vendors. Geger beach has its own charisma. This beach presents a calm, white sand stretching along the beach. No less beautiful than the other beaches in Bali, and also very clean. That’s the view I got after landing my foot on this beach.

Although somewhat hidden place, Geger Beach is a favorite place for the new spouse. Because the beach is so stunning, bringing romantic atmosphere for those who need a quiet, peaceful, away from the distractions of work activities, and others.

Some foreigner tourists prefer the Geger beach than Kuta beach or Tanah lot because it’s more romantic and quiet. Kuta beach and Tanah Lot is so crowded and some tourists can’t get beautiful moment because of that. Besides, Geger beach is cleaner, way cleaner.

Indeed, almost no trash on this beach, there are only a few remnants of sea grass fell from seaweed farmers there. Apparently this place is also a cultivation of seaweed. We can see seaweed farmers drying their crops. Perhaps you can also buy dried seaweed directly here for friends and relatives. Here, the issue price is still below the market average, but it also depends on our ability to bargain with the farmers there.

Tourism activities that can be done at this beach is swimming, sunbathing and fishing. If the tide is low we could walk through the beach to see the beauty of rocks which extend beneath the clear water. Very impressive.

So remember, Kuta beach is not the only beautiful beach in Bali, next time you visit Bali, don’t forget to visit Geger beach. You won’t regret it. I know I don’t.

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