Gedhe Market

Gedhe Market is considered as a cultural conservation of Surakarta. It is one of the largest traditional market in Solo, next to Klewer Market. The 8.560 m2 of area consists of 127 shops and 133 kiosks and 633 market stalls.  The market sells all sorts of needs, especially cooking needs. It provides almost every type of vegetables, meat and fruits. Besides that, you can also find cookies, snacks and Indonesian type pastries such as risoles, pastel, lumpia and others. There are also traditional beverage such as es dawet and all sorts of jamu. The price for each item is extremely cheap in Solo. One of the uniqueness of the market is the sliding price law, where buyers can bargain for the price of each item. But one thing to remember is to respect each others when bargaining, and don’t force the price too low for the merchants.

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