Gebug Ende Dance

gebug_ende_1.jpgGebug Ende is from the district of Karangasem. This dance is performed by 2-16 male dancers. Every dancer wields a shield, made from rattan, called Ende and a rattan stick. They dance while hitting the Ende (shields) of the other dancer by rattan sticks. Gebug Ende means ‘hitting the Ende’.

The dance is quite unique as it has certain rules that have to be followed by the participants. Led by a referee, this dance starts with two dancers, while the rest sit in a circle, cracking jokes and singing, while waiting their turns. The jury decides which of the two contestants loses the game and has to leave the stage. Then they will call the next men to the stage. This continues until all have had a turn. Sometimes the fight becomes very fierce and the dancers get thrown off the stage from the blows of the rattan sticks. Bruises and wounds are common.

A long time ago, Gebug Ende was performed to call for rain. Now this dance has become a very unique entertainment not only for locals, but also foreigners.

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