Gangsa waterfall, Lampung

Gangsa waterfall located in the hamlet of Cape Town Village Kings Way Kasui District. Waterfall coming from the fault of the river that flows from the Agile Way Punggur Mount Brackets to the village and the village of Tanjung Peniangan valley. This tour object can be achieved by using four-wheeled vehicle with a mileage of 10 km from District Kasui or 40 Km from Blambangan Umpu, Capital District Right Way.

The waterfall is sourced from the rubble of the river that flows from the Agile Way recesses punggur ridge snaking through the village of Tanjung Brackets Lebak Paniangan, the height reached 50 meters, often in a blanket of fog and the wind caresses bring dew floating breeze is cool add to the atmosphere more natural.

At midnight in a quiet voice often sounds like a rattling seluring Gangsa, supposedly this is the name of the sound Curup fatted fowl by the public about a name attraction. Besides Curup Gangsa, Right Way has several waterfalls located on the Niagara District Banjit Mount Seated, Niagara Falls Miss Shy and Stone Juku.

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