Gambang Kromong

gambang_kromong.jpgKromong a xylophone in the capture of the two instruments perkusi, the xylophone and kromong. Bilahan Gambang, amounting to 18 pieces, usually made of wood suangking, hurly stone or other types of wood soft sound when beaten. Kromong usually made of bronze or iron, was 10 units (ten pencon).

Gambang Kromong orchestra is a harmonious blend of elements with elements of indigenous Chinese. Physical elements appear in the Chinese strings Tehyan namely, Kongahyan and Sukong, while the other musical instrument xylophone, kromong, drum, gong is kecrek and indigenous elements.
Blend the two elements of culture are also visible in the track-perbendarahaan songs.
In addition to songs that shows the nature of indigenous as Jali-jali, Surilang, Persi, Balo-balo, swing-swing Kangkung, Onde-onde, Gelatik Ngunguk and so forth, there are also songs that clearly have the character of Chinese, the name of the song, flow such as melody and lyric Kong Jilok, Sipatmo, ASN Pantaw, Citnosa, Macuntay, Gutaypan and so forth.

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