Galela Lake

galela_lake.jpgLarge and beautiful, surrounded by volcanos and villages, Danau Galela is both very much the heart of the Galela district, and the main attraction for visitors. It is just a few kilometres from the district capital on the coast, and a road goes right around. The most scenic part of the ring-road is the bit at the foothills of the extinct volcano Gunung Tarakani (on the left of the 2nd photo). Elsewhere it may go too far from the lakeside to actually see the lake – though there are some good views from Igobula village on the southern shores, too.
For the lakeside villages, Danau Galela serves as fishing ground, source of drinking water, and a place to wash all at once!
To keep it clear, using motorised boats on the lake is forbidden. There are canoes instead, but the most interesting watercraft are bamboo-rafts, widely used by Galelarese fishermen!

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