Gadang Mande Rubiah House

gadang_mande_house.jpgGadang Mande Rubiah House is located in District Lunang Silaut with distance ± 157 km from the City of Painan, and ± 3.5 hours from Padang city. Tourism  objects Gadang Mande House Rubiah estimated to have been around since the 14th century. establishment has a very close relationship with the Kingdom Pagaruyuang located in Batusangkar.

Allegedly told when there was a riot in the Kingdom Pagaruyung a princess named Princess Bundo Bladder Cent Pinang Cook escaped and then build the rod downstream isatana Lunang. So according to the story believed there are descendants of Mande Rubiah in this area. The background is then a cultural tourist attraction that is visited by many House Gadang tourists. Dilakosi there was a lot of historical relics are considered sacred by local people, including Tanduak Binauang, Talua Garudo and various types of keris.

In addition, you can also see the uniqueness keuburan Cindua Mato and Bundo Kanduang has existed since the former. If you are in this location, you could direct dialogue about the history Bundo Kanduang Mande inhabiting a large house which is believed to be descendants Bundo Kanduang.

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