Freshness of Malino Highland

In the tourism forest, variety of fauna is living. The sound of parrot is very beautiful, black monkeys are jumping, blackbird looks so brave, gelatik (specific birds in Indonesia) are elegant, and the king prawns, all can be witnessed there. While the living flora beside pines are acacia, jabon, banyan tree, ekaliptus, edelweis flowers, turi flower trees, rattan, cananga, and several types of clumps.

On highest level, vegetable plantation is seen so green. Farmers in Malino plant cabbage, vetsai, onion, potatoes, and tomatoes. All can be enjoyed with local price. While in Pattapang area, there are a green paving of tea garden. Wow, amazing and beautiful.

There is something special in Malino, the plantation of passion fruit. Passion fruit in Malino has truly special taste, a fit blend of sweet and sour. It fells fresh in your mouth. In local market, you can directly enjoy the ripe fruit or buy processed form such as syrup and jelly.

If you want to spend the night and enjoy the beauty of Malino for a few days, there are lodging and hotels facilities. Complete with restaurants and sports facilities and entertainment.

Malino can be accessed by public transport or rental car. Trip to Malino takes about two to three hours.

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