Four Faces Budha Statue, Surabaya – East Java

Buddha Empat Muka or Four Faces Buddha statue is located at one of the corners of the famous Pantai Ria Kenjeran, a beach area in the city of Surabaya that also famous for its fisheries products and place to hang out.
The construction work of the statue was started in July 2003, occupying a total land of 1.5 hectares. The main building that houses the statue measured at 9×9 meters, a symbolically important figures for the Buddhist community. The building, include the dome reach 36 meters. Some said that, the total cost required to build this statue was almost Rp 4 billion. This number a little bigger than early estimation that was Rp 3,5 billion. This become more magnificent because the material is overlaid with pure gold. The casing itself directly imported from Thailand.

The statue occupies a kind of stupa building, where the Buddha sat on his throne. Because there are four faces, the one that refered to the front side is the front-facing face which the hand holding a rosary. The building is surrounded by 4 pillars, the green or golden pillars, which comprises 3 parts; the stupa, Buddha statues and Buddha throne. At the top of the stupa has been equipped with lightning rods, while the Buddha statue and the throne have each 9 meters high.

The four faces Buddha statue represents the four good traits of Buddha, which is loving, generosity, fair and meditating. Those four goodness implies on, Buddha is good among human beings, to help anyone without discrimination, and faithful in prayer or petition, and those are submitted in a ritual procession.

Four Faces Buddha was inaugurated in November, 9 2004. With the spectacular building, this statue can be one of the interesting destination in Surabaya. Moreover, this statue was awarded by MURI as the highest and the largest statue in Indonesia.

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