Four Faced Budha

The statue building the Four Faced Buddha place shaded, encircled by 4 pillars that colored by golden green, contains of 3 parts, which is statue, Buddha statue, and Buddha throne. It has been equipped with lightning rod at top of the statue, while statue Buddha and the throne has each 9 meters height.

See this building model, of course almost looks like Four Faced Buddha Monument in Thailand, the difference only the statue that in the higher Thailand statue but its statue building is higher then in Surabaya. Besides resemblance of a real big measure, the statue that have four faces and four hand tides, arranged in layers by gold in all it body part. It is said to make a perfect veneering process of this gold, is intentionally delivered kampoh material or original gold paper from Thailand (there is also mentioned kimpo paper). Complete with it worker, with veneering expense or ritual giving of this chasuble is reach 1,5 Billion rupiahs.

About Four Faced Buddha statue meaning or also there is mentioning it Four Faced Deity, bring four kindness philosophy that owned by Buddha, that is patience, liberal, fair (unbiased), and meditated. This four kindness is also had a meaning of, Buddha is a presentation of affection of fellow being, assist whoever without discrimination, and devoted in prayer or application that submitted in ritual procession. While on Buddha eight hands, there are holy book, holy water, defense weapon, fight weapon to against the badness, holy book, prayer beads, chest, and cupu.

Besides the philosophy, this place also offer idea to become the centre of Buddha member observance, finite later would many visitors coming to this place. Besides to see the four faced deity statue, in this place, we will see four high white elephant statues about 4 meters in every corner, three lotus decorative pools, and a meditated space. This complex is also decorated of 12 lamps that made from bronze and copper.

In it frontage, we meet a place that sell some pray equipment like candle and frankincense, this place later the also can buy the souvenir typical of Buddha four faces statue.

How about you, do wish to make this tourism object as your tourism purpose? Or may like to think about have photograph with Four Faced Buddha Monument background, as if stay in Thailand, or possible you wish to pray… all up to you, because this place is open generically, and admission charge free, only fare payee stepped into Ria Kenjeran Beach area.

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