Fort Marlborough, Bengkulu – Indonesia

Marlborough castle built in 1713-1719 by the East India Company (EIC), during the reign of Governor Joseph Callet as British fortress. The fort is located near the beautiful long beach of Bengkulu province. The building comprise of a JAIL, an Ammunition Storage, and army housing, there is also a tunnel begin from inside going through outside the Castle. Fortress Marlborough is the largest fortress ever built by the English people during colonialism in Southeast Asia.

The construction building of fort Marlborough is indeed very strong with the English design of architecture 20th century that show the grandeur and sturdy. Fort building form that resembles a turtle’s body is very impressive power and glory. The details of the building with European taste to impress the existence of a great nation and glorious at the time. Of the various relics which were found in the castle building may also note that at the time this building also serves as a center of various activities including offices, even prisons.

A illustration of the fort Marlborough, On entering the fort was a door made of thick metal. After passing the first door, there is a bridge that extends along approximately 10 meters. After crossing the bridge, you will find a large door as a barrier directly into the heart of the fort. Once in it, there is a prison on the right and left are separated by an iron door. Is indented into the, there remains cannons British and Dutch soldiers who have been rusty. While on the right side of the castle, there are army barracks that consists of 8 doors.

More inside, there are stairs to the top floor. From there you can see the expanse of the vast Indian Ocean and the corners of the fortress at the top there are several cannons. Cannon that leads to the sea and the city that is currently the center of Bengkulu city.

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