At this time South Kalimantan is one of the very popular tourist destination for local and foreign tourists. There are some very famous tourist attraction in South Kalimantan, which are Martapura, town center diamonds, then there Floating Market, then there is the Flower Island, and much more.

One of the attractions are quite unique in South Kalimantan, namely Flower Island, an island formed from a delta in the middle of the Barito river. The island is administratively included in the District Alalak, Barito Kuala, South Kalimantan Province. Why is unique, because there lived Flower Island long-tailed monkeys, or in Latin is called Macaca fascicularis, are huge numbers. The entire area of the flower island of  dominated by the long-tailed creature, so it is not wrong if people dubbed as the Royal Fireworks Island Long Tailed Macaques or monkey kingdom. Because of its uniqueness and for the sake of preserving the Flower Island, then by the government, since 1976, designated as Forest Flower Island Tourism, based on the Decree of the Minister of Agriculture No. 788/Kptsum12/1976.

Location of Flower Island not far from the location of the Floating Market, so often to tourists, combined one-way to two of these attractions. I had the opportunity to visit the Flower Island twice, in the year two thousand and twelve. After visiting the Floating Market, the taxi ride motorized boat called Klotok or Jukung, who drove in the course of Traveling Along The Barito River with a distinctive engine sound, not long after, Flower Island bustling docks filled with boats containing tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of the Flower Island.

In the dock appeared a group of monkeys that greet the tourists, the monkeys seem to already be familiar with the surrounding human existence. Usually the tourists prepare himself, peanuts or bananas, to be given to the monkeys, but if forgotten, Flower Island there are also vendors selling peanuts to give to the monkeys occupants Flower Island.

When the foot enters the Flower Island area, you will see two statues of white apes, which in the world of puppetry known as Hanoman. This statue stands in front of a table, which is usually used as a place for visitors offerings of Chinese descent. The legend says that they believe that, in monkeys Flower Island are descendants of the followers of the Monkey Gods.

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