Feeling cinder at Hotel Old Dutch Nuance

 KOMPAS.com – Want to stay in an old hotel by the Dutch with cold air not far from Jakarta? Come to Hotel Selabintana, Sukabumi, West Java.

The location is just seven kilometers north Sukabumi under the foot of Mount Gede and Mount Pangrango. From Jakarta to the motorway in the direction Sukabumi Ciawi enough time approximately four hours.

Selabintana hotel built in the 1900s by the Dutch was originally intended for a resting place for high-ranking Dutch plantations. Selabintana region is surrounded by tea plantations. Hotel building forms such as houses ancient cinder Dutch plantations.

Sweet-class hotel rooms are equipped with living room, dining table, bedroom, bathroom and ample terrace house about 60 meters square. From the hotel room terrace can be seen views of the garden.

Location of his room into one with the concept of nature with the resort area tourist sites are equipped swimming pool. Bedroom furniture still felt the time long ago.

Furniture guest chair, dining room, a bed all made of carved teak wood from Jepara. Garnish glasses and cups in the cupboard decorative glass on display is still preserved as relics of ancient goods.

At night during sleep, the sound of frogs and crickets sing like life on the plantation. The cold air and fog in the morning ambush us when walking in the grass around the park which covers more than a football field. So that children will love to play soccer on grass this.

Looking for cool air in Sukabumi Jakarta residents could be an option if you want to avoid the peak is always jammed every weekend. Unfortunately, the line-Sukabumi Ciawi is the only path for cars to Sukabumi.

The main roads many road users truck filled with mineral water. Therefore, motorists should be patient enough if you want to overtake the truck transportation of mineral water which controls the road.

Hotels near the site there are also tourist sites Selabintana Mist Cottage. The distance is about four miles and the road leading to it through a tea plantation road. Its location not far from the gate National Park Mount Gede-Pangrango.

In the Mist Cottage tourists can relax while eating corn on the cob is sold. In the garden suburb Cipelang River upstream flow so clear, cold, and many large boulders. Fits into a lunch spot when bringing their own lunch as she spread the mat.

The air here is often cloudy and foggy fast when the afternoon, should come before noon. Strong tourist could walk at the foot of Mount Pangrango trekking to see the waterfall.

The trip to the waterfall going through the trail that either side is punctuated by the landscape of forests and tea plantations. Walking trails pretty steep, but the tiredness will pay off when arrived at the waterfall.

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