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toraja.jpgShadow be lively traditional ceremony, buffalo fighting sensation, Toraja and panoramic beauty suddenly vanished from the minds of Toby Mckenzie (35). British man who came with his wife, Elizabeth, was upset because it was difficult to get a brochure about the agenda and location of tourist attraction in Toraja.

Toby did not intentionally take package tours because they think all their needs as tourists can be easily obtained in Toraja. It was based on his experiences on holiday to a number of attractions in different countries. However, the means of information is so hard he gained in the first visit to this Toraja.

"It’s hard to get the information required. It turned out that the tourism agency (tourism board) did not exist in Toraja, "said the man who works in Manchester this.

This was reflected not yet optimal management of tourism in Toraja. In fact, the friendliness and openness of the Toraja people into capital that can be utilized to empower the government following the tourism sector stakeholders.

At the wedding ceremony in Lembang Buntu Tallunglipu, District Tallunglipu, North Toraja district, South Sulawesi (Sulawesi), Tuesday (12/28/2010), for example, residents mingle with a group of tourists. The sacredness of a lifetime moment it does not bother photographing and recording the activities undertaken by tourists.

Not only that, the death ceremony Signs Solo ‘and thanksgiving Signs Tuka’ any, tourists and journalists freely capture the moment by moment. They are free to search for the best camera angles along with the ongoing ritual. The doings of the settlers who consider ritual bath did not make a spectacle of angry penghelat events and their relatives.

Unfortunately, the character citizens Toraja conducive to tourism has not been offset by the sensitivity of the local government to prepare the means of support. Almost all the way to the ceremony venue, which has been the tourist destination, is not adequate. Road segment in general is still a land and rocks with a width of less than 3 meters.

Signs to watch the ceremony Tuka ‘in Tongkonan massing, Tallunglipu, for example, the rider must pass through the road that cut the rice fields. When through the cobblestone streets with a width of only 2.5 meters, the driver had pulled over while bending the rearview mirror when passing another vehicle.

Not infrequently the driver had to retreat back to the main road when it ran into a truck carrying people or buffalo. Similar conditions also occur in access to the venue for the ceremony Signs Solo ‘in Kampung Balusu, District Balusu, and the village of Deri, District Sesean, North Toraja.

Hadi Lesmana (34), tourists from Jakarta who came with her friends, had to walk as far as 5 kilometers (km) from the main street to witness the death of the deceased party Therese Tangdo Pole or Ne ‘Tapu’ in the village of Deri.

Rental car that he was forced to wait on the main road as access to the location of the ceremony is less than 3 meters wide. Steep terrain and winding roads impassable very risky vehicle loaded with a lot.

Discomfort was also felt Maria Mantouw (22), tourists from Manado, when they want to watch Ma’pasilaga Tedong (buffalo race) in Kampung Malakiri, Balusu. Sam Ratulangi University student was forced to walk nearly 2 km as far as residents go about banning cars to the location. Residents feared that if the road is opened, it will only cause congestion.

This condition is contrary to many a lively ceremony held at the end of the year. Ceremony Signs Solo ‘and signs Tuka’ which cost hundreds of millions of dollars to billions of dollars would be held at the end of the road was narrow and not paved.

Ne death feast ‘Tapu’ in the village of Deri, for example, spent approximately USD 3 billion for the provision of 108 water buffalo and the hundreds of pork offerings. Buffalo is presented including types tedong bonga (buffalo discolored) and long baliian buffalo horns can reach 2 feet. The price of a tedong bonga could reach USD 300 million, while the price of buffalo baliian USD 150 million per fish.

According to community leaders Toraja, Jacobus Kamarlo Mayongpadang, a party that was held in jorjoran it reflects the lack of control Regency (Regency) North Toraja. Local regulations on animal slaughter levy is considered less effective to limit the number of animals presented in the ceremony.

During this ceremony executor fees charged Rp 150,000 for each buffalo and Rp 50,000 for each pig offerings. What is clear, levy income was not enough to fix the village infrastructure.

In order to levy more beneficial to society, North Toraja regency need to raise taxes. Jacobus argues, families who slaughtered more than 30 buffalo, for example, can be taxed at 20-30 percent of the total price of the buffalo.

Coordinator of the Indonesian Association of Tour and Travel Agencies Sulawesi Region, Nico B Pasaka tells the other side: the lack of means of information and poor infrastructure affect the interest of tourists to Toraja. Travel overland from Makassar to Toraja as far as 328 km takes 12 hours. The length of travel time was due to completion of the widening of the road yet Maros-Parepare axis along the 125 km, which started in 2008. Ground transportation is still the only option after Dirgantara Air Service (DAS) was no longer serve the route of Makassar-Toraja since July 2010.

At that DAS provides Cassa 212 aircraft with a capacity of 24 passengers, adjusting the length of airport runway that is not Pongtiku Toraja to 1,500 meters. Plans to build a new airport with a longer runway can accommodate aircraft for ATR is still limited discourse.

According to Nico, the construction of a new airport should be realized to improve the re-interest tourists. After as many as 385,000 tourists visited during the year 1996, the number of travelers to Toraja continues to decline. Department of Culture and Tourism of South Sulawesi, record numbers of tourists visit last year as many as 45,000 people. Of these, only 60 percent who visited the Toraja.

South Sulawesi Provincial Government’s efforts to provide post Lovely December has not significantly affected the tourism Toraja. Event held since 2008 it has not synergize with the public agenda so impressed as ceremonial and elitist.

Lovely December end of December 2010 even thick with the atmosphere associated with the rivalry of political candidates in local elections North Toraja.

Toraja youth leader, Rana Dase (51), argues that the government should make efforts more concrete, such as mobilizing synergies Toraja people, in order to take advantage of tourism as the rest of life. "Without any Lovely December Toraja definitely crowded because the nomads going home to celebrate Christmas and attend the ceremonies," said Rana.

Academics from Toraja, Stephen Wilfrid, view, social capital is owned by the Toraja people should be balanced by the government to develop tourism infrastructure. Toraja community effort to make various rituals as a venue for self-actualization should be coupled with the compliance aspects of a proud identity search.

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