Exotica Curug Muarajaya Majalengka

Majalengka is one of the city in West Java, known as ‘City of Kecap,’ in Bahasa word kecap means soy sauce. Majalengka soy sauce has its own taste and texture, sweet and savory, made from the best soybean. From Bandung can reach Majalengka in about 2-3 Hour by car or bus. It is quite a normal duration for driving a 100 kilometers. You may find many attractions, mountains, and waterfalls. But you should not miss Curug Muarajaya because mostly domestic and foreign tourist come to Majalengka to visit the place.

In Curug Muarajaya we can see the combination of nature among two rivers that end up in an estuary. Located in 1.300 dpl height of Ciremai Mountain, we can see the exotic water drop from three river in Majalengka, Ciapuy, Cilengkrang and Ciherang. Not just the scenery and the water, but also the wind and sound of the forest that we can hear peacefully. No wonder, if there’s many tourist loved to stay for camp fire. And in the morning they can hike or just walk through the wood and Apuy banana plantation. Apuy is very sweet and bland, it is local banana.

Source : www.indonesia-tourism.com

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