Equator Pillar

The Equator Pillar was the first time built during 1928 that only had the shape of the pillar with the arrow. During 1930, this pillar was completed until having the shape of the pillar with circle and the arrow. Afterwards in 1938 was built again for the finishing by an architect named Frederich Silaban and finally during 1990, the Pillar of the Equator was again renovated with the production of the turret to protect the original pillar as well as the production of the duplicate of the pillar with the measurement of five times was bigger than his original pillar.

The pillar building of the Equator consisted of 4 pillars of diamond wood (iron wood), which was their respective diameter 0,30 metre. The height of the two pillars of the front totaling was 3,05 metre and the pillar of the place rear of the circle and the arrow the indicator was 4,40 metre. The diameter of the circle was 2.11 meter and in the middle was gotten the article of EVENAAR. Long of the indicator was 2,15 metre. Gotten the article plate 109o 20 OlvGr under the arrow that showed the location of the Pillar establishment of the Equator to the line Lie alongside East.

Around The Equator Pillar was gotten by the important and amazing incident that happened twice a year, that is between March 21-23 and on September 21-23. The incident was the occurrence of the culmination point of the sun, namely the phenomenon of nature when the Sun was exact in the equator. In this culmination incident, the pillar shadow will disappear several seconds when being jumped at the sun rays, likewise with the other shadow of objects around the pillar, because at the time the position of the sun would exact was on the head so as to eliminate all the shadows of objects on the earth.

The Equator Pillar became one of the Pontianak City icons of the tour. Increased with the existence of the culmination incident, that to event yearly the Pontianak City, The Equator Pillar became the interesting tour destination if you visited to the Kalimantan Island or Indonesia. In the afternoon, the Equator Pillar region was the relax place in the night, this region eksotisme was felt increasingly. From the garden location, tourists could enjoy the beautiful of Kapuas River.

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