Enjoy the Natural Curug Cimahi Bandung

This exotic waterfall or curug is not far from Bandung, even Jakarta. From the bus Station of Leuwi Panjang, we can reach Curug Cimahi less than an hour by city transport –if there’s no traffic jam. Curug Cimahi located in the middle of the forest, so we have to walk through the path, the natural steps, that led us to the destination. In Curug Cimahi we can see beautiful scenery, especially splashing waterfall that fell from the cliffs as high as 85 meters.

Curug Cimahi is also near from another tourism site in Bandung, such as Mountain Tangkuban Parahu, Flower County in Cihideng, or culinary trip in Lembang. So if you are already or willing to visit Mountain Tangkuban Parahu or Cihideng, don’t forget to drive by in Curug Cimahi. Enjoy the cool air and the sound of the forest. But watch your food and stuff, at least you want to share it with monkeys.

Source : www.indonesia-tourism.com

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